COVID-19 Recovery Program

Patients recovering from COVID-19 may face many challenges, from physical symptoms such as shortness of breath, continued loss of taste or smell, dizziness or headaches, to cognitive symptoms including fatigue, brain fog, or increased anxiety or depression. While physicians and patients alike are still learning about the disease, Cedars-Sinai has developed the COVID-19 Recovery Program to connect patients who are experiencing persistent symptoms after COVID-19 to a network of specialists in order to provide the most comprehensive and best care available based on the latest developing understanding of the disease. Patients can also opt to participate in clinical trials and contribute to a deeper understanding of long-term effects of COVID-19. 


With two convenient locations, Cedars-Sinai makes it easy to seek expert care, wherever you are.

Meet the Expert Team

The COVID-19 Recovery Program's multi-disciplinary team of researchers and specialists takes pride in treating the whole patient—not just the disease.

Who Is Eligible

Patients who meet the following requirements are currently being admitted to the COVID-19 Recovery Program by physician referral only. This includes patients who:

  • Have had COVID-19, confirmed by a positive test result and
  • Are experiencing persistent symptoms, including but not limited to the following:
    • Decreased exercise tolerance, including shortness of breath
    • Headaches, dizziness, prolonged loss of sense of taste or smell
    • Cognitive conditions including memory loss, brain fog, or mental fatigue
    • Mood disorders like anxiety, depression, or PTSD

What to Expect

Your visit will last about 2 hours and will include: 

  • Intake evaluation by our clinical coordinator
  • Introduction to potential research studies to assess your desire to participate in research
  • Neurocognitive screening evaluation
  • Full examination and counseling by an infectious disease or pulmonary specialist
  • Lab work and referral to additional specialists, including cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, rheumatology, physical medicine/rehabilitation medicine, and others as needed

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