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Share & Care

The Cedars-Sinai Share & Care program provides services to at-risk children and adolescents, beginning in 1981 as the Psychological Trauma Center. Our professional counselors provide services to students who are experiencing emotional and academic challenges due to traumatic situations and stressors. Share & Care provides a group structure to facilitate emotional nurturing, healthy self-esteem and positive coping skills through a 12-week art therapy curriculum that can result in academic success.

Share & Care in Action

Learn how Share & Care does its work with children and teens in Los Angeles schools.

Share & Care Services

Cedars-Sinai Share & Care is a school-based mental health prevention and early intervention program that applies art therapy, mindfulness and council interventions to help children, educators and families who have been impacted by traumatic events and/or stressors.

Share & Care provides group counseling to K-12 students to facilitate emotional nurturing, healthy self-esteem and positive coping skills. These techniques equip students with the tools they need to thrive in the classroom and become successful individuals.

Participate in our interactive virtual and in-person workshops for parents. Learn tips to help your child succeed in school, including how to improve communication, overcome behavioral challenges, manage stress and more.

Our program offers an array of tools and services for educators and administrators, from consultation on individual students to classroom interventions, as well teacher professional development courses and principal community support. Topics range from bullying intervention and prevention to self-care and social and emotional learning.

Our post-master's degree associates training program in school-based services—for marriage and family therapists, social workers and professional clinical counselors working on licensure—combines theory, clinical experience, observation and supervision.

Share & Care Effect

Share & Care Resources

Learn about ways to set up your classroom and interact with students to help everyone feel welcome and engaged.

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The 5 Community programs at Cedars-Sinai, including Share & Care, cover a wide range of Los Angeles neighborhoods, serving diverse communities of all ages.

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