Career Training

Programs for Students at a Glance

Through Cedars-Sinai's 4 programs for area middle and high school students, the hospital hopes to inspire and nurture the next generation of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. We give young people, many from disadvantaged homes, a head start on discovering productive and meaningful careers in healthcare.


Founded by Department of Neurosurgery Chair Keith L. Black, MD, this 1-day program gives local middle school students the opportunity to be a brain surgeon for the day, performing virtual surgery, practicing suturing and examining tumors under a microscope.

Nursing Career Day

The annual Nursing Career Day program brings around 80 area high school students to Cedars-Sinai to get an inside look at this complex and challenging career.

Teen Volunteers Program

Teen Volunteers at Cedars-Sinai may perform either clinical or clerical duties. On the clinical side, they handle duties such as assisting at the nursing station or delivering flowers and magazines and interacting with patients. In the office, clerical volunteers answer phones, file, do computer work and other general office projects. Volunteers are ages 14 to 18.

YED students helping deliver mail to various departments.

Youth Employment & Development

Each year, 45 area high school juniors and seniors participate in Cedars-Sinai's Youth Employment and Development (YED) program. They earn school credits, get valuable mentoring and work experience, but also get a paycheck that can help them pay for college.

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