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Community programs from Cedars-Sinai deliver vital health services to the most vulnerable in the surrounding Los Angeles community. The need is enormous, so we always seek to leverage our world-class expertise in prevention, patient care and education to make the greatest impact for the most people.

COACH for Kids sends fully equipped mobile medical units into economically disadvantaged neighborhoods of Los Angeles to provide free preventive and primary medical care, as well as social services to children and their families.

With the goal of encouraging families to adopt healthier lifestyles, Cedars-Sinai partners with 20 elementary schools in Mid-City to bring curricula on nutrition and fitness to second-, third- and fourth-graders while also offering workshops for parents.

The Share & Care art therapy program offers weekly small group sessions at no cost in 29 Los Angeles schools, giving at-risk children a safe outlet for feelings that helps them cope with trauma, develop confidence, improve social skills and focus on learning.

Teams of nurses and healthcare professionals go to community sites in underserved neighborhoods of L.A. throughout the year to provide free health education, cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose screenings, and flu and pneumococcal immunizations, among other services.

Through our programs for students, Cedars-Sinai is helping to nurture the next generation of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. We give young people, many of whom come from disadvantaged homes, a head start on careers that can better their own futures and that of our community.

Offers patients empathy, knowledge and support for life's changes in a group setting.

Cedars-Sinai Team HEAL is a school-based program supporting student-athletes in underserved communities and empowering them to pursue sports safely.

Cedars Sinai’s Community Connect Program supports individual and community health by assessing needs, improving social service referral pathways and helping vulnerable people connect to the resources they need to improve their overall wellbeing.

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49 Sites—COACH for Kids
31 Sites—Healthy Habits
30 Sites—Share & Care
33 Sites—Community Clinic Initiative Sites
18 Sites—Community Health and Education

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