Community Clinic Initiative

Sunita Mutha, MD
Director, Healthforce Center at University of California, San Francisco
Access to Care in L.A.

With the goal of reducing disparities in health and healthcare for those most in need, Cedars-Sinai has launched a multiyear Community Clinic Initiative that aims to strengthen L.A.'s safety net. Yearlong programs focus on quality care, leadership development, financial strength and data analysis in clinics that represent the backbone of care for L.A.'s poor and uninsured. More than two-thirds of the community clinics in Cedars-Sinai's service area are participating in this initiative, designed to build capabilities that will enable them to more effectively respond to patients' complex needs over the long term in a changing healthcare landscape.


To significantly reduce disparities in health and healthcare for those most in need in Los Angeles by strengthening the leadership and effectiveness of community clinics.

Leadership & Effectiveness Programs

This transformative leadership training program, developed in partnership with the Healthforce Center at the University of California, San Francisco, is for managers and supervisors earlier in their careers, specifically mid-level clinicians, administrators and other non-clinical staff who are managing or supervising others. Through seminars and coaching, as well as alumni networking, it provides participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively lead change and improve healthcare in today's complex and uncertain environment.

This innovative offering teaches clinic teams how to best apply a range of quality improvement (QI) methodologies and embed QI at the organizational level. Facilitated by the Institute for High Quality Care, these individual program sessions are designed for multidisciplinary clinic teams with responsibilities for clinic management, project management, quality improvement and patient care. Through two types of offerings, (1) tactical, half-day learning labs and (2) a 6-part series for change agents, teams engage with coaches to focus on strategies to optimize ongoing improvement work and enhance QI engagement across the clinics.

This critical program aims to strengthen the effectiveness of clinics in these uncertain times. Designed for individual clinic staff and teams, including the CFO/COO/CEO, financial professionals, board members and CMO, the program includes general and targeted training both in person and online. Participants have access to benchmarking and tools, technical assistance and support to increase the effectiveness of the clinic's current and future sustainability models. This program is facilitated by Capital Link and offered by the Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County.

Designed for multidisciplinary health center teams interested in developing, implementing and strengthening medication-assisted treatment services, this innovative program provides support for community clinics in addressing patients with opioid addictions. This program is facilitated by the Center for Care Innovations, and incorporates both online and in-person sessions as well as mentorship, coaching and technical assistance.

This yearlong clinical fellowship provides psychiatric training for primary care-oriented providers, to allow for improved access for patients with behavioral health needs. Initially developed to fill a gap in primary care training, fellows of this program receive clinical education, training and mentorship to appropriately address behavioral health conditions commonly encountered in primary care settings. The fellowship is led by faculty from the University of California, Irvine, and the University of California, Davis, and culminates in a certificate of completion and continuing medical education credits for providers.


Unless otherwise noted, the following eligibility criteria are used for the Community Clinic Initiative. Clinic staff members are encouraged to participate in multiple programs, and more than one team or team member may be accepted. Applications are overseen by our grant partners.


In keeping with our community health needs assessment, the initiative focuses on clinics in Service Planning Areas (SPAs) 4, 5 and 6, and targeted ZIP codes in SPA 8: Inglewood (90301, 90302, 90303, 90304) and Lennox (90304).

Federally Qualified Health Center

Community clinics should be Section 330 health centers or look-alikes,  unless otherwise noted.


Each program has a unique focus and has been customized for different members of the clinic team. Regardless of project focus, all team members must have the approval of senior clinic administration.

2018 Grant Recipients

2018 Community Clinic Initiative Grantees
  • APLA Health & Wellness
  • Central Neighborhood Health Foundation
  • KHEIR Center
  • LA Christian Health Centers
  • LA LGBT Center
  • Planned Parenthood Los Angeles
  • Plunum Health
  • Saban Community Clinic
  • St. John's Well Child & Family Center
  • T.H.E. Health & Wellness Centers
  • Venice Family Clinic
  • Westside Family Health Center
2018 Program Grantees
  • Capital Link
  • Center for Care Innovations
  • Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County
  • Community Partners
  • Healthforce Center at UCSF
  • Institute for High Quality Care
  • Southside Coalition
  • UC Davis/UC Irvine

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