Grantmaking is an ongoing, high-impact philanthropy focused on improving access to care, addressing health disparities and promoting civic engagement to help Los Angeles' most vulnerable residents. Cedars-Sinai's community health needs assessment, which helps identify challenges, is conducted every 3 years.

Please note: We are unable to accept unsolicited grant proposals.

Grant Programs and Initiatives

Through key partnerships with local health organizations, Cedars-Sinai strives to reduce health disparities by improving access to care, the quality of that care and the promotion of the overall health and wellbeing of the most vulnerable members of the community through a series of programs and initiatives.

This initiative offers numerous development opportunities to eligible local health clinics—from programs to improve financial tools and sustainability to transformative leadership training. Additionally, the Community Clinic Initiative makes direct grants to improve infrastructure, promote innovation and expand on each clinic's mission to serve the most vulnerable people in our communities.

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Our goals for this initiative are to improve access to appropriate behavioral health care; enable the region’s providers to better compete for state and federal grants; provide capacity building opportunities for the region’s providers by broadening their skill sets and clarifying the access points to better address the full spectrum of patients’ behavioral health needs; and strengthen partnership across organizations through supporting effective connections.

Institutional Grants

Cedars-Sinai provides grants to select partners that are directly aligned with our priorities, with a focus on improving access to care, addressing social determinants of health and promoting civic engagement to help Los Angeles' most vulnerable residents.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Every 3 years, we conduct a comprehensive study that includes hundreds of community health indicators and demographic details that help us determine where and how we can make a difference. Our programs and initiatives are based from what we learn from this study, which helps us determine where and how we can make a difference. Learn more about our Community Benefit.

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The 5 Community programs at Cedars-Sinai cover a wide range of Los Angeles neighborhoods, serving diverse communities of all ages.

Please note: Grantmaking is unable to accept unsolicited grant proposals.

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