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Medical offices will be open on Tuesday, June 2. Hours may fluctuate due to citywide curfews or street closures. Please call ahead before going to a non-emergency location. Our emergency rooms remain open for those who need care immediately.

Cancer and COVID-19: Q&A With Dr. Dan Theodorescu

While the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is sweeping the globe, many have questions about what it means for them. For cancer patients and their loved ones, the condition might be even more troubling.

Staying in the Fight: Bobby Clark's Cancer Story

When Bobby Clark was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, the 48-year-old Marine sergeant major drew on his military background for strength to fight it.

New Clinical Trial at Cedars-Sinai for Active Surveillance of Thyroid Tumors ...

Statistically, the incidence of thyroid cancer has increased worldwide over the past few decades, but researchers are unsure if it's an uptick in the prevalence of thyroid cancer or an increase in detection. A new clinical trial aims to ...

Cancer and Fertility: What You Should Know

Women who have been diagnosed with cancer should know how cancer treatment might impact their fertility. Cedars-Sinai fertility specialist Dr. Erica Wang explains more.

New Research Explores Link Among Diabetes, Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer...

When Type 2 diabetes is the diagnosis, physicians rarely think chronic pancreatitis is the cause. However, chronic pancreatitis may be more prevalent than many doctors think. Investigators at Cedars-Sinai are part of multicenter trials ...

New Approaches to Pancreatic Cancer Care

Every day, about 1,300 people around the world are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. At Cedars-Sinai, clinicians are taking novel approaches not only to attack the disease, but to improve patients' quality of life during treatment.

Pediatric Cancer Patient Kameron Sharpe Isn't Giving Up

Kameron Sharpe was first diagnosed with cancer at 8 years old. Now 15, he's battling his third recurrence of the disease with a new investigational medication to help future pediatric patients dealing with similar cancers.

Could Walnuts Prove Beneficial for Prostate Cancer Patients?

Researchers are taking aim at prostate cancer, a cancer that affects 1 in 9 men. Led by Dr. Stephen Freedland, the Walnuts for Power study is looking at one potential way to limit the progression.

What's It Like to Donate Bone Marrow?

"When you donate bone marrow, you're also giving immune cells that provide the potential for a cure."

What Is Chemo Brain? Symptoms & Recovery

As many as 75% of cancer patients experience "chemo brain" during their treatment.

Colon Cleanse FAQs: Risks, Benefits & More

Maybe you're thinking about trying a colon cleanse, also called colonic treatment, hydro colon therapy, colonic irrigation, or colon detox. Are there really medical benefits?

Avoiding Caregiver Burnout & Stress Overload

Nearly one-third of American adults provides some type of care for an aging or ill family member.