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DNA Testing, Decoded

Genetic counselor John Lee, MS, of the Cedars-Sinai Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute, discusses game-changing advances related to genes, the proactive power of DNA testing—and why consumers may be buying bad science.

Discoveries / Aug 20, 2019

discoveries magazine

She's Got Guts

Rising star Suzanne Devkota, PhD, is passionate about the convergence of food, health, and the bugs that live in our guts. Her ever-present “poop pillow” serves as an icebreaker for her mission to destigmatize discussion of fecal matter.

Discoveries / Feb 25, 2019

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Better Together

Launched with help from Cedars-Sinai, the National Institutes of Health’s All of Us Research Program, is gathering genetic, biological, environmental, health, and lifestyle data from a million volunteers over 10 years. The program will ...

Discoveries / Feb 20, 2019

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Care Package

The Mitra Microsampler is an at-home blood-draw tool that helps patients collect tiny drops of blood for precise biometric monitoring and heart health.

Discoveries / Feb 19, 2019


Research Closeup: Microorganism M. Smithii

A single-celled microbe that lives in our guts has been linked to some health conditions that can be tough to treat.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Jan 13, 2019


Why Are Ashkenazi Jews Likely to Get Crohn's Disease?

Increased genetic risk factors seen in Ashkenazi populations appear to be rooted in history.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Nov 12, 2018

discoveries magazine

Innovation 2: Cancer Cures in a Dish

At Cedars-Sinai, investigators are using bioengineering to regenerate and grow human tissues in petri dishes to seek solutions to cancers that primarily affect women.

Discoveries / Jul 27, 2018


Using Biosensors to Fight Heart Problems Before They Start

What if we had a better way to predict heart attacks and other cardiovascular events?

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Apr 28, 2018


ZEB1 Gene Accelerates Brain Tumor Growth

ZEB1 affects tumor growth in patients with brain cancer and can strongly influence survival rates.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Mar 22, 2017


Unraveling How Gut Bacteria Affect Our Health

Your unique microbiome can play a role in cancer, diabetes, obesity, and more.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Jan 15, 2017


Biobanks: Investing in the Future of Medicine

New treatments tailored right down to a person's DNA often begin with deposits in a biobank.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Jan 11, 2017


What is Precision Medicine?

In time, we'll get to patients before an illness gets to them.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Dec 21, 2016