Embracing our Community

Responding to Homelessness With Help, Dignity and Hope

With support from a Cedars-Sinai grant, a team mobilized by Santa Monica-based Step Up helps vulnerable individuals in West Hollywood turn their lives around.

Embracing Our Community / Feb 10, 2020

Embracing our Community

Fighting Cancer in any Culture

Cedars-Sinai is tackling health disparities by meeting people in their neighborhoods.

Embracing Our Community / Oct 21, 2019

Embracing our Community

A Career Jump-Start for Talented Teens

Teen volunteers get mentoring to pursue careers in healthcare.

Embracing Our Community / Oct 07, 2019

Embracing our Community

Closing a Primary Care Training Gap

Cedars-Sinai supports training to strengthen safety net for mental health.

Embracing Our Community / Sep 18, 2019

Embracing our Community

Share & Care

Art therapy helps children, teachers and others cope with traumatic events.

Embracing Our Community / Feb 05, 2019

Embracing our Community

Champions for Young Athletes

Through the TeamHEAL program, Clarence L. Shields Jr., MD, helps supervise the athletic trainers at participating schools. Learn about the program’s history, benefits and future.

Embracing Our Community / Feb 01, 2019

Embracing our Community

Walk This Way

Adopting an active lifestyle doesn’t have to mean intense gym workouts or 3-mile runs—a simple walk around the block can be a powerful step toward fitness. Learn more.

Embracing Our Community / Jan 02, 2019

Embracing our Community

A Planned Partnership

Care provided by Cedars-Sinai residents at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles extends a valuable, long-term partnership.

Embracing Our Community / Nov 06, 2018

Embracing our Community

The Nurturer

Prinicipal of Carson-Gore, Gema Linares Guardado, works closely with Cedars-Sinai programs like Healthy Habits to hold workshops on nutrition and fitness for her students. Learn more.

Embracing Our Community / Jul 01, 2018

Embracing our Community
Embracing our Community
Embracing our Community

Gail Millan, MN, RN

Education Program Coordinator Gail Millan, MN, RN, brings together teams of nurses who offer vital services to LA’s most vulnerable residents. Learn more.

Embracing Our Community / Feb 28, 2017