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An Epidemic Ignites teaser image
discoveries magazine

An Epidemic Ignites

The usually harmless human papillomavirus (HPV) is triggering a surge of throat cancer among Baby Boomers. Two Cedars-Sinai investigators are working to ease the burden of treatmen...

Discoveries / Jan 14, 2020

The Age Gap teaser image
discoveries magazine

The Age Gap

It's a paradox that science is only now seeking to understand: Women live longer and appear to age better than men—but when they do develop disease, they suffer worse outcomes.

Discoveries / Jan 01, 2020

Everybody Hurts teaser image
discoveries magazine

Everybody Hurts

The medical field has a long history of dismissing women's pain, despite actual differences between how the sexes interpret it. The roots of these sex differences likely lie in the...

Discoveries / Jan 01, 2020

Hearts and Minds teaser image
discoveries magazine

Hearts and Minds

Two Cedars-Sinai leaders discuss how to make healthcare more equitable for all.

Discoveries / Jan 01, 2020

Misconceptions teaser image
discoveries magazine


What we don't know about the effect of medications on pregnancy could fill a large medical textbook. More than 90% of prescriptions haven't been tested on expectant mothers, leadin...

Discoveries / Jan 01, 2020

Menopause Matters teaser image
discoveries magazine

Menopause Matters

Menopause is about more than the reproductive system and symptoms can be different in every woman impacting every area of her body. Which means it's not terribly surprising that if...

Discoveries / Jan 01, 2020

Progress, Molecule by Molecule teaser image
discoveries magazine

Progress, Molecule by Molecule

Biomarkers, traces of molecules in blood or tissue, can provide clues for diagnosing and treating diseases. They can also indicate distinctions in age, lifestyle and chronic condit...

Discoveries / Jan 01, 2020

In Good Hands teaser image
discoveries magazine

In Good Hands

Tiffany Perry has the world at her fingertips. Neurosurgeon by day, furniture designer by night and classically trained pianist at heart, Perry is the ultimate hands-on expert.

Discoveries / Dec 27, 2019

No-Fun Fungus: Head and Shoulders and Gut teaser image
discoveries magazine

No-Fun Fungus: Head and Shoulders and Gut

Dandruff linked to Crohn’s disease.

Discoveries / Dec 19, 2019

Making Birth Better: Kimberly Gregory, MD, MPH teaser image
discoveries magazine

Making Birth Better: Kimberly Gregory, MD, MPH

Kimberly Gregory, MD, MPH, is on a professional mission to make childbirth a safer and more fulfilling experience—not just for her own patients, but for all women.

Discoveries / Dec 17, 2019

Recipe for Disaster teaser image
discoveries magazine

Recipe for Disaster

The Special Pathogen Response Team at Cedars-Sinai, led by Jonathan Grein, MD, is one of only 10 groups selected nationwide to treat highly infectious diseases, like Ebola and MERS...

Discoveries / Dec 10, 2019

The Unfair Sex teaser image
discoveries magazine

The Unfair Sex

Gender inequality permeates healthcare. Medical studies excluded female patients for decades, while women’s symptoms have been dismissed for centuries.

Discoveries / Dec 02, 2019

UTIs Gotta Go teaser image
discoveries magazine

UTIs Gotta Go

Cedars-Sinai investigator spearheads new UTI diagnosis and treatment guidelines.

Discoveries / Nov 21, 2019

Tummy Trouble Tips teaser image
CS Magazine

Tummy Trouble Tips

Our expert defines and demystifies common GI conditions.

Cedars-Sinai Magazine / Sep 18, 2019

Scientific Dream Team Aims to Make Preeclampsia a Relic of the Past teaser image
discoveries magazine

Scientific Dream Team Aims to Make Preeclampsia a Relic of the...

The pregnancy disorder preeclampsia can strike in a flash, endangering both mother and child. A dream team at Cedars-Sinai is determined to render this disease—a leading cause of m...

Discoveries / Jul 01, 2019