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Triumph for Transplants teaser image
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Triumph for Transplants

With philanthropic support, Cedars-Sinai has developed a novel therapy aimed at preventing and treating organ rejection. The new drug has been given fast-track approval by the Food...

Discoveries / Feb 24, 2019

Stats: Rejection Overruled teaser image
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Stats: Rejection Overruled

Cedars-Sinai surgeons have been performing transplantations since 1966, while collaborating with scientists to pioneer techniques that improve matchmaking—including ways to unite i...

Discoveries / Feb 18, 2019

Scale Tips teaser image
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Scale Tips

A common tool for preventing bedsores also can predict recovery rates for liver transplant recipients, according to Cedars-Sinai investigators.

Discoveries / Jul 26, 2018

Chain Links teaser image
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Chain Links

It’s well-known that the number of kidney donors falls far short of the number of people in need of a kidney transplant. What’s less known is an extraordinary pay-it-forward soluti...

Discoveries / Oct 25, 2017

Safer Heart Surgeries teaser image
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Safer Heart Surgeries

While most patients recover fully from open-heart surgery, some suffer long-term effects from the stress caused by the operation. Cedars-Sinai scientists are collecting data — and ...

Discoveries / Oct 25, 2017

All Eyes on Transplantation teaser image
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All Eyes on Transplantation

Millions of lives have been saved since the first organ transplantation in 1954. Today’s leading-edge technology brings new promise but barriers remain. We asked 14 experts for the...

Discoveries / May 03, 2017