Exercise During Pregnancy: What's Safe?

The biggest misconception women have about exercising while pregnant is that they can't do it at all, says Dr. Keren Lerner, OB-GYN at Cedars-Sinai.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Oct 21, 2019


FAQ: Hamstring Injuries

The hamstring is a complex muscle structure that tends to be injured across a wide variety of activities. It's one of the most common sports injuries. We asked Dr. Carlos Uquillas, a Cedars-Sinai orthopaedic surgeon, how to avoid ...

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Sep 06, 2019


Exercise in the Park Returns for the Summer

No sign-up is necessary—just show up and join in!

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Jun 15, 2019


Is running good or bad for your health? We asked a Cedars-Sinai doctor. | ...

"The injury rates for running are not necessarily high, but they are real," says Dr. Carlos Uquillas.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Jun 02, 2019


Torn Achilles Tendon FAQs

A torn Achilles tendon is a notoriously difficult injury to recover from.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Mar 03, 2019


Yoga Injury Prevention Tips

Yoga is more laid back than CrossFit, running, or lifting heavy weights, but you can still get injured.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Oct 10, 2018


Desk Yoga: Poses to Try at Your Desk

These simple stretches can help relieve the pain and stiffness that comes with sitting at a desk all day.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Sep 16, 2018


Beach Exercises on Sand: Benefits, Risks & Tips

Running on the beach is great exercise, but it comes with a unique set of hazards.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Jun 18, 2018


Join Exercise in the Park Program All Summer

No sign-up is necessary—just show up and join in!

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Jun 10, 2018


Overuse Injury Prevention for Young Athletes

Pressure for young athletes to compete in a sport, become the best, and compete all year long is leading to overuse injuries that are irreversible—before reaching high school. Learn more about youth overuse injury prevention.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / May 05, 2018


Torn Meniscus - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if I have a torn meniscus? When should I see a doctor? Get answers to frequently asked questions about meniscus tears from experts at Cedars-Sinai.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Apr 02, 2018


FREE Health & Exercise Workshops for Seniors

"If exercise was a pill, it would be a blockbuster drug because it impacts quality of life and chronic disease in such a positive way."

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Mar 14, 2018


Exercise & Aging: You're Not 20 Anymore

“We need to listen to our bodies,” says Dr. Robert Klapper, “especially as we get older.”

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Nov 13, 2017


Exercise in the Park Program Kicks Off This Summer

Dodgers first baseman Eric Karros helps kick off the Healthy Habits summer workout series Exercise in the Park.

Cedars-Sinai Blog / Jun 11, 2017