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Brain Mapping teaser image
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Brain Mapping

Infant brain circuitry predicts emotional and cognitive health in early childhood.

Discoveries / Aug 07, 2019

Could Smell Impact Metabolism? teaser image
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Could Smell Impact Metabolism?

There could be a relationship between your nose and your weight.

Discoveries / Aug 06, 2019

Error Neurons teaser image
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Error Neurons

The neurons that help us recognize our errors may hold the key to improving treatments for psychiatric and mental disorders.

Discoveries / Aug 06, 2019

Healed From Within teaser image
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Healed From Within

Stem cells regrow damaged tissue.

Discoveries / Aug 02, 2019

A Pioneering Heart Procedure teaser image
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A Pioneering Heart Procedure

A Cedars-Sinai vascular surgeon was the first in the world to use a minimally invasive device to heal patients with aortic aneurysms.

Discoveries / Aug 01, 2019

A New Era in Cancer Research and Care teaser image
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A New Era in Cancer Research and Care

Cedars-Sinai investigators are developing increasingly advanced methods for precision diagnosis and treatment.

Discoveries / Jul 30, 2019

Stem Cell Science: Separating Myth from Reality teaser image
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Stem Cell Science: Separating Myth from Reality

Dhruv Sareen, PhD, provides clarity on misconceptions about stem cells.

Discoveries / Jul 14, 2019

A Gut Check for Precision Medicine teaser image
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A Gut Check for Precision Medicine

Philanthropic gifts have allowed Dr. Stephan Targan to build the F. Widjaja Foundation Inflammatory Bowel and Immunobiology Research Institute into an investigatory powerhouse and ...

Discoveries / Feb 24, 2019

Abreast of Trends in Cancer teaser image
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Abreast of Trends in Cancer

Dr. Armando E. Giuliano has a minimally invasive approach toward breast cancer treatment, and thanks to philantropic support, his investigations could serve as the foundation for e...

Discoveries / Feb 24, 2019

Better Together teaser image
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Better Together

Launched with help from Cedars-Sinai, the National Institutes of Health’s All of Us Research Program, is gathering genetic, biological, environmental, health, and lifestyle data fr...

Discoveries / Feb 20, 2019

A Stellar Report Card teaser image
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A Stellar Report Card

U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospitals 2018–2019” ranked Cedars-Sinai No. 8 overall in the country (up from No. 11 last year), No. 3 in California, and No. 2 in the Los Angeles...

Discoveries / Feb 19, 2019

Do I Look Fat in these Genes? teaser image
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Do I Look Fat in these Genes?

Scientists at Cedars-Sinai are recreating brain neurons to study obesity and personalize treatment.

Discoveries / Feb 18, 2019

Disparaging Asparagine teaser image
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Disparaging Asparagine

Asparagine, a nonessential amino acid commonly found in food, may hold a key to limiting the spread of an often-deadly type of breast cancer.

Discoveries / Feb 18, 2019

From Idea to Innovation teaser image
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From Idea to Innovation

The Cedars-Sinai Technology Transfer Office brings researchers’ innovations to the marketplace. The tech transfer team manages hundreds of discoveries and technologies worldwide, e...

Discoveries / Aug 30, 2018

Clinical Trials and Tribulations teaser image
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Clinical Trials and Tribulations

Most new devices and medications don’t make it through the years of rigorous testing required to gain Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. Here, numbers tell the story of t...

Discoveries / Aug 11, 2018